CAD Floor Plans & Building Layouts

CAD Drawings, Floor Plans, General Floor Arrangements, Standard Details & Personalised Drawing Title Sheets if required etc.

From accurate building  drawings come accurate useable floor plans. These can be used for record drawings, for contractors coming to site, building maintenance, space planning, public information, space analysis to name a few.

Typical data recorded for a simple floor plan job project would include:

bullet Wall and partition layouts inc. columns.
bullet Window and door positions and reveal detail where necessary.
bullet Stairs, steps, lifts and ramps.
bullet Sanitary equipment types & positions.
bullet Simple fixtures inc. worktops, inbuilt cupboards, pipework boxing, service risers etc.
bullet Room descriptions/ usage.
bullet Room numbers if required etc.
bullet Zoned area hatching if required
bullet Notational text or comments

Standard Detail Drawings

If you have a number of standard drawings to issue or require for in house records & or reference purposes then let us produce them for you.

Personalised Title Sheets

We can create a set of drawing sheets with your company logo and contact details included for A4 up to A0 sized plans.

This will give you a professional looking set of drawings for each of your design projects.