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Covid19 - Notice.

We are open for business as usual. Call or e-mail us to discuss your project or requirements, no obligation. Social distancing, face mask usage & alcohol hand sanitiser are part of our virus limitation strategy.

Cinnabar CAD - Existing Building Unit Layout CAD Plans

Enquiry To Replicate Planning Application Drawing + Add Amendments


November 2020

Private Individual - Leicestershire.

The existing drawing requires a few amendments and the architect is no longer contactable. The paper plan has to be redrawn on CAD, amended with clients changes and printed off. Amendments resubmitted to planning authority by client.

Cinnabar CAD - Redraw Paper Plan On CAD

Quote To Create Electrical System Line CAD Drawings


October 2020

Electrical Contractors - Leicestershire.

Quote to produce electrical circuit layout CAD drawings (approx. 130) from supplied existing circuit schedules.

Cinnabar CAD - Electrical Cicuit Layouts To CAD

Enquiry To Create CAD Drawing From Supplied PDF


September 2020

Building Security Equipment Manufacturer - Northamptonshire.

Enquiry to produce CAD drawing from simple product layout supplied in PDF format.

Cinnabar CAD - Simple PDF Drawing To CAD

Quote & Instruction To Create CAD Drawings For Agricultural Bovine Housing Company


September 2020

Bovine Bedding Stalls Installer - South Leicestershire.

Phone enquiry and subsequent later email with quotation details, to produce CAD drawings to supply their builders/ clients with clear professional looking installation layout information & isometric views (when necessary) from supplied PDF's & scanned marked up sketches.

Cinnabar CAD - Bovine Bedding Stalls Drawings

Enquiry For Preferred Supplier- To Create M&E CAD Drawings For Large FM Company


August 2020

Facilities Management Services Group - London.

Enquiry to become a preferred supplier of M&E CAD drawings for a large FM services provider. Information & drawings to be provided by client.

Cinnabar CAD - M&E CAD Drawings

Quote - Create CAD Drawings For Resource Download Section On Website


August 2020

External Materials Manufacturer - Warwickshire.

Quote To Create Around 180 CAD Drawings For Designers To Download From Website For Installers, From Clients Illustration PDF's and Sketches. 

Cinnabar CAD - Website Download CAD Plans

Quote - Provide Measured Building Surveys/ CAD Drawings For Fire Compartmentation Project


August 2020

Fire Protection Company - Derbyshire.

Quote for Measured Building Surveys of 54 social housing properties, drawing up surveys and adding fire compartmentation details for each property from clients information.

Cinnabar CAD - Measured Building Surveys & CAD Plans

New Silo Enclosure Drawings - Food Manufacturer


Feb 2020

Food Manufacturer - Leicestershire.

Create existing/ proposed plans and elevations for a new silo enclosure from clients 3rd party CAD drawings/ PDF's

Cinnabar CAD - Silo Enclosure CAD Plans

Create Existing Building Plan + New Equipment Layout


Feb 2020

Food Manufacturer - Leicestershire.

Enquiry turned to instruction regarding newly acquired industrial unit, to draw up building layout from clients measured survey and to add food processing equipment.

Cinnabar CAD - Existing Building Unit Layout CAD Plans

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