Cinnabar CAD News, Recent Work & Projects

Cemetery Burial Plot Layouts to CAD


Feb 2019

Existing Paper Cemetery Drawings To CAD - U.K.

Provide existing 2 cemetery burial plots layouts for a Town Council to be measured off by hand into CAD & amended on a regular basis from clients marked up notes.

Cinnabar CAD - Burial Plots Drawing

As Installed Fire Detection Layouts


Oct-Nov 2018

As Installed Fire Detection Plans - UK.

Fire detection equipment & circuit layouts for suspended ceiling level and above ceiling/ underside of slab level (multiple floors). CAD plan layouts required from clients marked up sketches.

Cinnabar CAD Drawing Plan Image-10

Science Block LPG Gas Schematic


Feb 2018

School Science Block Schematic  - Leicestershire.

New science block LPG Propane gas layout schematic. Record schematic layout drawing from clients sketch.

Cinnabar CAD - Gas Line Schematic Drawing

Freezer Unit Design


Jun 2017

Freezer unit plan layout  - Surrey.

New Freezer unit into existing light industrial building for food delivery company. CAD plan layout required from clients marked up sketch.

Cinnabar CAD - Freezer unit sketch layout drawing

Plant Room Design


May 2017

Simple Plant Room - London.

New small steel framed unit on two levels for additional generator plant. CAD plans, elevations & sections required from clients marked up sketches.

CinnabarCAD - Plant room - Front elevaton sketch drawing

Cold Room


May 2017

Cold Room - County Durham.

New large cold room to be installed in new industrial unit. CAD plan required from clients marked up sketch.

Cinnabar CAD - Large cold room installation sketch drawing

Freezer/ Chiller Design


Apr 2017

Freezer/ Chiller Unit - Kent.

New large freezer unit with chiller store area in freezer entrance lobby. CAD plan, elevation & section required from clients marked up sketches.

Cinnabar CAD - Freezer & chiller unit sketch drawing

Schools Boiler Room Schematics


Feb 2017

Leicestershire Schools - Leicestershire.

Record schematic layout drawings from clients sketches.

Cinnabar CAD - School boiler room schematic drawing sketch

Check Survey & Drawing Updates


Jan 2017

College Building - London.

Check measured survey to correct known incorrect floor plans. CAD files supplied and printed off to check and amend.

Cinnabar CAD - Check measured survey & drawing updates